VPN services can be provided over Ethernet or ASDL/VDSL. VPN service is a Layer 3 service and enables business customers to transmit telecommunication traffic such as voice, video and  data between their premises. Provides a multi-point-to-multi-point connection between two or more customer sites using IP protocol. Geographically dispersed company locations are connected through LogosNet International and National network via a shared infrastructure and communicate with the same policies and security features en joyed by private networks.  VPN technology enables the dispersed parts of a company to be linked in an efficient and cost-effective way. The geographical distance between the company’s various premises is no longer a problem as far as communications, organization and management are concerned. VPNs are the ideal way of connecting remote offices, allowing them to communicate easily and secured, connecting employees to critical business applications no matter where they are geographically located.
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