Now days everyone expects Wi-Fi to:

  • Provide Hotspot’s Area Total Coverage
  • Have Sufficient Bandwidth
  • Be Easy to Use
  • Be Secure
  • Provide End-User Support

wifiWiPLUS Hotspot is a holistic Wi-Fi Service that fulfills all End-user’s expectations and many more! WiPLUS Hotspot Service provides the implementation, efficient real time monitoring and operational support needed by Hotspot owners & End-users.

Enterprises using WiPLUS service, offer High Quality Wi-Fi experience to their customers free or paid without any concern.

WiPLUS HotSpot is an ideal solution for: Hotels – Café & Bars – Restaurants – Passenger Stations – Ports – Sports Facilities – Camps – Exhibition centers / Congress halls – Museums, etc.

WiPLUS Hotspot – A Holistic Wi-Fi Service:

WiPLUS Service not only provides Hotspot owner with the latest Wi-Fi technology, but also high level of End-User satisfaction and a new source of revenue (direct or indirect). Hotspot owner can choose the commercial model that fits their policy.

For the creation, installation, real time monitoring and support, WiPLUS provides the following services:

  • Technical study by expert technicians for the proper installation and total WiFi signal coverage of the desirable areas (indoor and outdoor coverage)
  • The necessary tested equipment for WiPLUS Hotspot creation
  • Hotspot installation and customization services
  • Public PCs for users not having their own Wi-Fi device (optionally)
  • The necessary marketing material
  • Monitoring of Hotspot operation on a 24x7x365 basis via WiPLUS Hotspot Online Platform
  • Hotspot Owner & End-User Phone support 14x7x365 by WiPLUS Technical Team
  • Free or paid Wi-Fi service according to your commercial policy
  • WiPLUS e-shop for online sales via credit card & Paypal
  • Multiple Access Methods (Access Cards / Access Buttons / Facebook Login / Email Login)
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi Access for Hotspot Owner (Gold Card)
  • Wi-Fi Access for Hotspot Personnel (Optional- Staff Card)


WiPLUS Key Benefits:

The commercial philosophy of WiPLUS Hotspot service offers multiple benefits to Hotspot Owner:

  • Generation of a New Source of Revenue (Direct or Indirect)
  • Zero Equipment Investment
  • High Profitability rate
  • Attraction of new and more customers
  • Enhances customer’s loyalty
  • No need to engage your staff in Hotspot operation
  • Full and detailed statistics for Hotspot sales & usage through WiPLUS online platform
  • Fully compatible with all Wi-Fi devices (Laptop, Tablet, smart phones etc.)
  • Security for the End-User
  • User-friendly End-User Environment
  • Multilingual End – User Environment (9 Languages)
  • Roaming service among all WiPLUS HotSpots
  • Free regular software updates

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