Fixed Line Telephony – PSTN / ISDN BRI & PRI / SIP 

Logosnet is providing innovative fixed telephony services to suit every need.  For corporate customer or home users our telephony services can guarantee the highest possible quality in combination with significant savings on existing telecommunications costs.

General Characteristics and features
Analogue PSTN / ISDN BRI
Analog and digital lines for homes, small and medium businesses are offered with low fixed costs and cost-effective call rates. Telephony can be offered as a stand-alone service or in combination with Internet Services provided by Logosnet.
This service suitable for corporate customers with demand of higher than 8 concurrent calls.  Our service is tested and is compatible  with any Telephone System (PBX) or device supporting for all standard features of the service. ISDN PRI service supports up to 30 channels for telephony whereas the Mini-PRI service is supporting up to 15 channels. We can provide all our telephony services with  portability of existing number ranges or we can provide new numbers  from our range.
SIP Trunks
SIP trunks and VoIP Telephony is another innovating service offered by Logosnet.  Flexibility on the number of channels is a main advantage of SIP trunks since they can be upgraded and downgraded without any changes of the existing infrastructure. As with all our Telephony solutions portability of existing number ranges is carried out without limitations on number of DIDs and at no extra cost or fixed charge.
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