Exchange Mailbox: 6 EUR/month, includes 50GB Storage, Basic filtering, Up to 30MB email size

Addons (per mailbox/month):

  • Advanced Security Filtering & 1 year Archiving: 2.25 EUR
  • Advanced Security Filtering & 10 year Archiving: 4 EUR
  • Room/Equipment Mailbox : Same as Exchange Mailbox Pricing
  • *Outlook 2010 Licence: 1.50 Eur
  • SharePoint user (with 0.5GB space) : 2.25 EUR
  • SharePoint 5GB quota upgrade : 12 EUR

Prices do not include VAT

*You may activate Outlook 2010 Licence for a user, this will allow user to login to control panel and download & install a leased licensed version of Outlook 2010, this may needed in cases where you don’t want to buy office license of a user and have Outlook only.

Hosted Exchange 2013 – Service Description

  • An Organization account is an Active Directory Organization name – each a/c can have several domains , you can have many domains under same account and one or more Admins.
  • By default each domain has basic filtering cababilities and no archiving (apart the default period that keeps the deleted items). Note that the archiving is suggested for important users, you don’t have to add this feature to all users. Data is kept on exchange so even if local pc is damaged setting a new outlook , or just logging through web provides access to user’s emails. Since there is 50GB box this provides plenty of space. Archiving allows e.g. to recover an email you have deleted from the deleted items for more than e.g. 2 weeks. If you don’t delete it will be there no matter its age.
  • Advanced Security Filtering & Archiving can be activated on a per domain level (1y or 10y) and you can choose which users will have it. What can’t be done is one user of the same domain having 1 year and another 10 year. You may change from 1 y to 10 or the opposite or no archiving at any time but this will be for the whole domain.
  • Any changes: new mailboxes,new feature additions, deletions etc are charged at the begining of month. You pay for what you use. You may add/ delete users/mailboxes features at any time (system locks pricing of month at 25th of each month, so if u e.g. add a testing sharepoint site/user for a week before and delete it later before 25th there will be no charges).
  • New users /deletions and setting the domain’s e.g. archiving level etc must be done through us, the rest of the features can be done by your admin or user directly. When deleting a user you have the option to transfer account data (emails) to another user/mailbox.
  • Admin may choose to allow/deny users to change their passwords and edit their aliases etc. In case of Advanced Security Filtering where an admin want’s access to check the logs of a user e.g. to restore smt can request a temporary session password from the owner (will recieve an email with an allow link to authorise the administrator) to check the logs. Alternative users can do this from their CP.
  • There aliases/ forwarding/distribution lists/public folders etc, system restricts e.g. user to send email as unless admin allows this on a per mailbox case.
  • After loging in and change the password noone is able to recover it, in order to gain access in case of forgoting it will need Administrator to request from Logosnet a password reset, this will issue a new temporary password for logging in and changing it.
  • Logosnet has no access to raw files/passwords of the service, the service is leased and is used on an internationl cluster with live mirroring of data under EU laws and domain, may need to also agree and accept Microsoft agreement e.g. for using the Outlook License.
  • You may use a client other than Outllok as there is POP access to the service although it is not reccomended – even using the webmail (Outlook Web access) is much better cause this way all data is kept on server e.g. sent items
  • You may add as many SharePoint sites under a/c you want, usualy only one is required – charges are per user on a site. Each user has 0.5GB space and u increase the total of each site in 5GB chucks if required. (so if u have 5 users u have 2.5GB on site)
  • There is no actual support on HOW to use the SharePoint service cause there are many features/templates etc and is up to the organization to start fully taking benefit from it.

Premium Exchange Mailbox = €6 per mailbox per month*

  • Features
  • 50GB Mailbox Size
  • Calendar & contact syncronisation with Outlook and Mobile Devices
  • “Send As” support (i.e. mailbox Costas can send email as info)
  • Full Mailbox rights i.e. users can open other users mailboxes (this can be used like Public Folders)
  • Distribution Lists (route email to multiple users)
  • Outlook Web Access

*Advanced Security – Filter with 1 year archiving = Included in the above pricing.

  • Setup Fees = €50
  • Prices exclude VAT
  • Microsoft Outlook 2007 and up.
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