By registering an Internet domain name for your organization you make sure that you uniquely identify your company in the vast environment of the Internet i.e. an internet address and an email address such as

This makes your company’s Internet presence more easily locatable on the Internet and projects an image of a progressive organization, which has introduced the Internet as a medium of conducting business. As a local Internet registry, Logosnet Technologies, provides full domain name registration and IP allocation services under:

  • .com Designating commercial entities
  • .org Designating organizations usually of a non-profit nature
  • .net Designating companies and organizations that provide the Internet infrastructure
  • .edu Designating educational institutions such as universities and colleges
  • Designating Cyprus-based commercial entities
  • Designating organizations based in Cyprus
  • Designating the Cyprus Government (departments etc)
  • Designating academic institutions based in Cyprus

In a addition we can provide pre- registration services for the following new domain extensions and reserve for you any domain you wish to have when these domain are officially used!

  • Designating a Cyprus based internet network (reserved by Logosnet Technologies)
  • .biz for businesses and corporations
  • .info for information-based services such as newspapers, libraries, etc.
  • .name for individuals’ and personal websites
  • .pro for professions such as law, medicine, accounting, etc.
  • .aero for services and companies dealing with air travel
  • .museum for museums, archival institutions and exhibitions

Domain Name Administration and Forwarding

Once you have your organization’s domain name registered you need to host it with an ISP in order for it to be accessible from the Internet. This service is called Domain name administration and it implies that your service provider will be filtering all internet traffic passing through its internet network and will be diverting everything that comes through with your domain name to the appropriate location, whether this is your local email, web or e-commerce site, or even your ISP-hosted web site or email box.

IP Address Allocation

To be recognized by the rest of the computers connected to the Internet, any network has to have an IP address. Domain names, are a logical and easy to remember translation of an IP or a range of IP addresses. Logosnet Technologies, is a member of the RIPE, the European authority which allocates IP addresses for European networks and as such, is in a position to allocate to your organization the needed IP addresses needed to connect your network or Internet server on the Internet.

DNS services
A. Domain Name registration and processing Yearly VAT Total
Domain name registration under .com, .net, .org, eu., (renewable annually) €25,00 €4,25 €29,25
Domain name registration and processing,. info  (renewable in 2 years) €25,00 €4,25 €29,25
Domain name registration and processing in 2 years) €25,00 €4,25 €29,25
Domain name registration and processing under .cy(renewable annually) Cyprus TLD :,,,,,,,,,,,, €40,00 €6,80 €46,80
Domain name registration and processing – INTERNATIONAL DOMAINS Call
B. Domain Name administration/hosting Yearly VAT Total
Annual charge for DNS services:email and web traffic
1 domain €21,74 €3,96 €25,43
2-5 domains (each) €34,17 €5,80 €39,97
6-10 domains (each) €25,65 €4,36 €30.01
10-20 domains (each) €23,91 €4,06 €27,97
21-50 domains (each) €22,17 €3,76 €25,93
More than 51 domains (each) €20,52 €3,48 €24,00
C.Slave DNS services Yearly VAT Total
1 domain €17,09 €2,90 €19,99
2-5 domains €51,30 €8,72 €60,02
6-15 domains €85,65 €14,56 €100,21
16-30 domains €136,78 €23,25 €160,03
31-50 domains €170,87 €29,04 €199,91
51-100 domains €256,30 €43,57 €299,87
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