Point to point connectivity

A point to point leased line or private circuit allows you to connect two sites together over a secure, dedicated line. This allows you to extend your business network (WAN) across two locations with secure, fast and reliable data transfer.

Faster data transfer

One of the decisions you will make about your Point to Point leased line solution is the amount of bandwidth you want, this can range from 2Mpbs to 1Gbps, depending on what you need. Because you are not sharing your line with other users (it has a 1:1 contention ratio) you get guaranteed speed both up and down stream reduce buffering and lag in video conferencing and VoIP technologies

Better security

Your point to point line will offer a secure and direct connection between two sites. With broadband, SDSL or bonded DSL your data is going across a public network. With a point to point connection Eclipse will install a private line that connects you directly to your local exchange, keeping your data private and secure.

Reliable cross-site backup

The faster connectivity speeds and guaranteed uptime means that you can reliably transfer data between sites, allowing you to run backups across two sites. If reliable data back up is one of your chief requirements it is often worth considering a managed server request a consultation if you would be interested in a cost / benefit analysis

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