Server Colocation

We offer colocation services in the new and modern data center. Our data center is equipped with up-to-date power and cooling backup systems. It has high levels of physical security, and is continuously monitored by our dedicated staff. Server colocation basically refers to colocating your server hardware at a Data Center and paying only the rental charges for rack space, cooling, and bandwidth. Colocation service is ideal for those with sizable hosting requirements, but not willing to lease dedicated servers from the Data Center hosting provider.

One of the advantages associated with colocation servers is that you need not approach the hosting provider every time you need your server to be rebooted or reinstalled.The data center engineers are always eager to assist you in configuring and monitoring.

With server colocation, you can also avoid standard web hosting bandwidth charges. Although, once your server is installed, the IP address and connectivity instructions are provided by your Data Center hosting provider. This will enable you to connect to your website, application, or softwares that are installed on your colocation server. Colocation is an easy and cost-effective solution to house a company’s powerful infrastructure without losing the administrative control of the equipments.

Our Data Center can easily accommodate 1U, 2U and 4U rackmount or blade servers. In case of custom requirements, we also offer Quarter, Half, or Full Rack cabinets to serve your colocation server requirements.

Facilities sharing and Co-Location Services

Due to the high demand of secure and always-online web service, we have implemented a 99.9% safe and secured hosting premise to serve with our clients with the highest support.

Our hosting premise called Datafort has all the European specifications needed and is monthly monitored from British Telecom (BT Group is the largest communications service provider in the United Kingdom. It is also one of the largest communication companies in the world and it operates in more than 170 countries with a 10 year contract with Logosnet).

Datafort Hosting Specifications:

  • Room with access and automatic temperature control for racks in top-down and down-top directions for keeping your equipment below 21ºC (24h/365d.)
  • Dual power feeds for each server.
  • Air system that helps keeping the air in the Datafort clean.
  • Power Redundancy is maintained by on-line ups, electricity and electro generators with power up speed of 45 sec at the time of electricity loss. This secures the power of your equipment up to 99.9% with extra technical support benefits.
  • Direct connection to our bandwidth, below the floor from our telecommunication lines rack directly to your rack. This is safe, secure and powerful.
  • Earthquake safe floor development 60cm above the main floor with high specifications and load of 1500kg/m2
  • Access Control with 24h/365d monitoring CCTV, Security Alarm, and Automatic Fire Distinguish systems are keeping in a high level security the room and your equipment.
  • External working place at the same building for providing you with access to your equipment with 4 telephone line numbers, 4 telephones, 4 desktop computers, Fax machine, Printer and 1 telephone center.

The specifications above are informing you about our safety strategy and the methods that we have implemented for better service support and equipment safety. In any case scenario, you might need some more technical information and a conducted tour, our experienced IT engineers are ready to help you.

The Datafort hosting is mainly supported from our Head IT Engineer Dr. Michalis Michael who has a huge knowledge on installing your equipment and he can give you his technical opinion on the equipment that you might need to install inside the rack.

Collocation services are based on server chassis

Server Chassis Monthly Fee
1U 55 Euros
2U 75 Euros
3U 80 Euros
5U 100 Euros


Bandwidth Rates Monthly Fee
International Bandwidth 1Mbps/1Mbps 120 Euros
International Bandwidth 2Mbps/2Mbps 220 Euros
International Bandwidth 3Mbps/3Mbps 300 Euros
Local Bandwidth 10Mbps/10Mbps 85 Euros

All above packets include the following:

Unlimited Traffic Yes
Local Traffic (Cyprus) 10Mbps
Public IPs 1


5 Additional IP Addresses 5 Euros
Additional International B/W CALL
Dedicated Firewall Protection Euros

Rack Collocation

Provision for 60×80 Rack
Dual power Feeds
1Mbps International bandwidth
10Mbps Local (Cyprus) bandwidth
Unlimited Traffic
Monthly Fee = 450 Euros


10 Additional IP Addresses 5 Euros
Dedicated Firewall Protection 50 Euros

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