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Is your company located in Cyprus and need help with SEO? Besides getting more visitors to your company website, we are equally working to increase the quality of the visitors.

It is important to be placed high in the search results, but it is equally important to be sharp on which search results pages it is important for one’s business to appear in – which search terms the most relevant customers are looking for, and what it really is that customers demand digitally .

You should choose to work with Logosnet on SEO Cyprus because ..

We help Cyprus business get better search engine rankings. You will experience increased traffic and great potential to dramatically increase your turnover.

We prepare a thorough semantic analysis and work with the most pre-qualified traffic. Our work is oriented towards the customers who have the greatest intention of converting.

We have experience with SEO, and know what it takes to make your company succeed digitally.

Have you come to this page directly from Google? Then it is most likely because you have searched for SEO Cyprus, or variation of these exact keywords. Since you have landed, we have optimized for the words SEO Cyprus to make it rank higher in Google. And precisely SEO optimization like this we are specialists in! And we really want to show you how we can create similar results for your company.

Why SEO?

When we begin to optimize your website, the goal is to get better rankings on relevant keywords. It can be both keywords that seek information search, but also direct product searches or purchase searches. Before we start an SEO collaboration with you, we first analyze the opportunities that exist and find the most relevant keywords for your business in Cyprus. When the primary keywords are in place, we begin setting up the associated landing pages. Then we will analyze the rest of your site and start optimizing the rest of the website.

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SEO Cyprus

Increase your revenue with SEO

The reason why all businesses first and foremost should work with SEO rather than other approaches to digital marketing and ways to drive traffic to websites is that SEO is stable growth.

By working with solid, structural SEO and stable, worthwhile SEO over time, you get a website that generates traffic and leads by itself, and becomes the largest marketing activity you have – based on your own data, own content and without having to pay per click or thousand exposures or the like, as with paid traffic.

Paid traffic is a fantastic and necessary complement to SEO, but SEO is the basis – the foundation – to build a solid digital presence that can yield returns for many years to come.

Cyprus SEO

Steps of Search Engine Optimization

SEO Technical implementation refers to how the site is built, its hierarchy, page speed and information security, internal links and other technical issues. Technical Search Engine Optimization is where technical flaws are fixed to make the site more readable and user friendly for search engines. The better the search engine knows the content of your site and the better it works in practice, the better things are.

SEO Content quality refers to the amount of text on a page, its relevance, the amount of information it provides, its attractiveness, and the use of keywords. Typically, the content should be as much as possible, with orthodox song splitting and relevant headlines. The text should respond to the needs of the person who made the search, whether it be a data throw or a service need. The text should definitely be unique, ie content copied elsewhere will not help the page appear in the search engine.

The use of keywords is, of course, important for optimization. However, the old-fashioned keyword junk is history, so today keywords should be used in modest logical locations, preferably at the top of the content. Instead of using one keyword continuously, it may be better to focus on using synonyms, alternative keywords, related words, and more.

Obtaining links ( link building ) means for the identification and recovery of evidence of a link as possible.  Backlink is like a reference on the web; The more references, the more value Google gives to the page. However, these should ideally come from appropriate, good sources. In addition, the value of the links is influenced by many factors, from the history of the linking domain to the content surrounding the link text. So the link can be found on the corporate listing as well as the end of the blog post in the online magazine.

Google My Business

Do you have control over your company profile on Google?

It is important that the company profile is updated with the correct address, telephone number, opening hours, industry, logo, website and possibly. Pictures.

In most cases, we can update and optimize the Google My Business profile to be among the first profiles in the local area. Our keyword specialists are happy to advise on the possibilities for optimizing Google My Business.

SEO Analysis

SEO Analysis

We survey the technical implementation, content, link profile and, of course, visibility of the site’s situation. We also collect information about competitors, the market, and the habits of the target audience so that we know the baseline as accurately as possible.

SEO Planning

SEO Planning

Based on the audit, we plan the progress of the optimization and the necessary measures We will also explore the possibilities of using existing marketing channels.

SEO Implementation

SEO Implementation

 We take the data from the analyzes and the plan we have made and start working. We edit the content of our homepages, build links and correct technical flaws. We test, measure the results, make additional changes and test again.

SEO Tracking

SEO Tracking

We track changes in investments, visibility, and conversions caused by actions. We report these to the customer clearly and regularly. The data we collect also allows us to develop better business models in the future.

Keyword analysis as part of SEO

Search engine optimization cannot be done correctly without keyword analysis. The research will determine the searches that people make, the visibility of the company with these, and the search terms that should be centered on search term optimization. Keyword research also helps in overall planning; Which subpages are used to search for and how to build site content in the future. Keyword research also helps in setting goals and measuring results.

Keyword research and keyword advertising

Keyword research is also important in Google advertising campaigns a. In addition to this, the research helps to identify the level of competition. Click prices vary a lot within one subject area, so if your ad budget is to be used effectively, you also need to choose keywords precisely.

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