With the new 3G/4G plans you can now be connected to the internet  wherever you are 24/7 without the need of fixed lines.

Fast and Unlimited Internet without a landline with only €24.90/month!

Take advantage of plug and play mobile internet without the o need to wait for an installation team or a fixed line.  Connect your laptop, tablet, TV or phone – whatever you want, with Mobile Broadband and get fast internet without the hassle.Mobile Broadband  is provided via a simple small plug & play device. Simply plug in the device into a power outlet wherever you are and immediately surf with amazing internet speeds. With the Mobile Broadband plans you will surely benefit from high data transfer speeds through 4G, HSPA+, 3.5G, 3G and GPRS technologies.
 Choose the plan which suits you!

24 month contracts



Broadband 1


Broadband 2


Broadband 3


Broadband 4

Download/Upload speed

6Mbps/1Mbps 12Mbps/2Mbps 20Mbps/4Mbps 40Mbps/6Mbps

Monthly Payment

€24,90 €29,90 €36,90 €44,90


€89 €39 FREE FREE

You can also get Plug and Play device without a contract commitment for just €139!

  • Terms & Conditions
      • 4G coverage is recommended
      • The Mobile Broadband service is available to new and existing subscribers with a 24month contract or without contract commitment for just €139.
      • The Mobile Broadband service can only be used with the  Broadband device, with which the service was purchased.
      • Contract Termination: Contracts can be terminated before the expiry of the 24 month period provided that the subscriber pays cancellation fees. The cancellation fees are calculated based on the total discount credit received for the purchase of the device and are prorated for the remaining months.
      • Fair usage policy for the unlimited internet access service applies: After the total usage in each calendar month exceeds the 100GB, Logosnet will decrease the connection speed to 512kbps (download/upload) until the end of the month, to protect the performance of the network and to ensure the best experience of all users of Mobile data service.




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